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Calvin Tyler

Construction Manager

Calvin Tyler is the Construction Manager for Bargeboard, LLC and oversees the day-to-day things that one does as a Construction Manager. 


His professional story began over 25 years ago in Lake Charles, LA building houses and renovating historic homes while quoting movie lines all day long with everyone on the crew. Both art forms are a true passion of his.  His passion (and a hurricane) led him to Algiers Point where he found film work as a set builder for a few years.  


His love of carpentry, millwork and his neighborhood led him to Bargeboard, where he can put all his talents to work, from building new construction homes, renovating historic homes, creating millwork and making furniture.


Do you need someone to build you anything? He’s your guy. Do you need help figuring out what movie that quote was from in that movie you watched the other day but can’t remember? He’s also your guy. When asked for a statement regarding this bio he simply responded with, “I love lamp.”


At the end of the day, Calvin is someone who deeply cares about his neighborhood, thoroughly enjoys the people he works with, and wishes with everything to be considered an extremely useful person someday. Calvin lives in Algiers Point with his wife and kids.


That’s Calvin Tyler.

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