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Kristin Gisleson Palmer


President & Owner of Bargeboard, Kristin Gisleson Palmer founded Bargeboard in 2014 to personally address the rampant blight that previously existed in Old Algiers. With a career-long focus on improving historic neighborhoods of New Orleans and an extensive background in housing, Kristin (and her husband Bobby) have personally invested in the neighborhoods of Algiers Point and Algiers Riverview for over 30 years. 


Kristin believes in a comprehensive approach to neighborhood revitalization and has partnered with a number of local non-profits to work toward the greater goal of having a diverse and thriving community in Old Algiers.

"Housing should be affordable and accessible for all people with all income levels"

With that in mind, Bargeboard has produced housing for every income level and every size from under 600 square feet to over 3,000 square feet.  It has now expanded from a development company to also being a licensed contractor and operating a fully functioning millshop.  The millshop allows Bargeboard to authentically produce millwork for historic properties and to produce unique cabinetry for its homes.


Kristin and Bobby's hard work has contributed to tremendous community improvement in these historic neighborhoods.

Bargeboard and the Palmers have renovated, built, or are in process of building & renovating more than 70 properties in Old Algiers, thereby putting these previously vacant and/or blighted properties back into commerce.


Kristin lives in Algiers Point with her husband, Bobby, their three daughters and a son- on the same block where they purchased and renovated their first home at the age of 24.

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